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This is your guide to the historic village of Braughing, designed to help you find out about the village and make the most from your day out here if you plan to visit the village in the future. Please click here>>> for more information about Braughing.
Braughing Village Diary
Braughing Playing Fields Association Trust
100 Club -
is drawn monthly at Braughing Post Office.
To report a pothole you need to register and sign in. First enter a title and description and then the street name and town. A Google map should appear with a marker and you can then drag the marker to the exact location of the pothole(s).You should also upload a photo as this is vital evidence especially if your vehicle has been damaged. Once you have submitted your report keep and eye on it and follow it up.

REPORT IT NOW - here>>>
Do you enjoy singing or simply want to have a go then come along to
The Braughing Sing
Tuesdays during term times
7.30 – 9.00
at Jenyns school, Braughing

For more information please email here >>>
Energy saving links and fuel deals
Is this the Linden Heritage?
So the MD of Linden homes thinks that they are doing such a good job and Braughing is benefitting from the developments. The question is which on planet is he? The upheaval is well documented and yet the Mercury printed a response to a valid letter from a Church End resident, which just reinforces the fact that Linden are just not that concerned, really! If you really, passionately want the best for Braughing, voice your opinion to the Parish Council, the District Council and our MP. More developments are on their way.....
Local Broadband Update.

The Connected Counties programme
will be providing fibre broadband coverage to some of this area.They do not guarantee that every home and business will be connected to the new high-speed fiber-optic infrastructure (100MB speed). We must therefore lobby hard here, starting now.
Pentlows complaints - If you have a complaint please contact
0800 0147557 and tell the BPC clerk please here >>>
To read the latest BPC meeting report please click on the Pentows Update logo on the right.
As a resident of East Herts, you are entitled to a 75% discount on the pick-up/drop-off fees at Stansted meaning it costs 50p instead on £2.00 for 10 minutes or 75p instead of £3.00 for 15 minutes (unfortunately there are no discounts off any parking!)

All you need to do is apply for a Local Resident Discount Card to Empark here >>>
Braughing Parish Council Annual Parish Meeting - Thursday April 10 in the Church hall.

East Hertfordshire District Council is currently consulting the public about their draft District Plan. Braughing Parish Council is very pleased to welcome District Councillor Carver who will talk about the District Plan and what it means for areas of rural Hertfordshire such as Braughing

Cllr Mike Carver District Councillor for Much Hadham
Executive Member for Strategic Planning and Transport
Chairman, District Plan Executive Panel East Hertfordshire District Council

Any resident who has an interest in the future of housing development in Braughing should come along to hear from our guest speaker and ask your questions!