Welcome to Braughing - ' A Sense of Place'

This website is your guide to the historic village of Braughing, designed to help you find out about the village and make the most of your day out here if you plan to visit in the future.

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Braughing Parish Paths Group need help - Sunday 28 October

Meet at the start of The Bone in GravelyLane at 10.00pm

The Parish paths group are organising a work morning in The Bone to clear overgrown foliage and repair the bridges. All help is very welcome particularly young fit people.

Tea and coffee provided. We intend to finish at lunch time.

For further details please email Paul Moore here >>>


Braughing Parish Council has installed two automated defibrillators in the village:-

Access to an automated defibrillator can make a significant difference to the outcome for that person and can and do save lives.


There have been a few complaints in the village about anti-social lighting of bonfiresThe Environmental Protection Act 1990 includes smoke as a potential source of nuisance. Key to this is whether it causes a 'statutory nuisance'; if it does the Environmental Team at East Herts Council can take action with the aim of stopping or reducing the nuisance.

In summary, for the smoke to count as a statutory nuisance it must do one of the following:

  • unreasonably and substantially interfere with the use or enjoyment of a home or other premises or
  • injure health or be likely to injure health.

If it's not a statutory nuisance East Herts Council, of course, can provide advice. There's more advice on the council's website here >>>. East Herts Council would need to investigate the matter to determine the level of nuisance. Contact Environmental Health on 01279 655261 to discuss the issue in more detail.


11th November 2018 marks the
centenary of the WWI Armistice

Programme for the day

All over the country, this landmark event is being celebrated and Braughing is no exception. There are a series of events planned for the day.  Please come along and be part of this historic occasion.

  • 10:30 Service of Remembrance in St Mary’s Church Braughing
  • 14:15 Assemble in The Square and walk in procession to the  War Memorial for the ‘Laying of the Wreaths’ ceremony
  • 18:30 Gather in The Square
  • 18:50 Tribute to the Millions will be read
  • 18:55 The Last Post will be played on the bugle
  • 19:00 Lighting of the Beacon
  • 19:05 Ringing out for Peace
  • 19:25 Unveiling of the Memorial Bench
  • 19:30 The Axe & Compasses, The Brown Bear and The Golden Fleece will be open to serve drinks.

Report Dog Fouling to our local council - do you want a picture of YOU, and your dogs poo, featured here?

The increase in dog fouling in Braughing has reached epidemic proportions.  What is it about dog owners, who do not clean up their dog's mess?  Don't they understand that it's filthy, disgusting and a health hazard. They have a social and community responsibility to clean up after their dogs.  When challenged by a resident who saw a dog poo on the playing fields, the owner told her to F**k off as she paid her council tax and was not going to clean up after her dog.

So this is what we are going to do.

  • If you see a fouling incident please photograph it on your mobile - the dog pooing and a picture of the owner
  • Report it to the 'FixMyStreet' website and upload the photo, which links to East Herts District Council
  • FixMyStreet is found here >>>

We hope that by taking this action as a community we can put an end to this disgusting, foul practice which is a health hazard - particularly to our children.  Please support this cause which has the full backing of Braughing Parish Council.