Welcome to Braughing - ' A Sense of Place'

This is your guide to the historic village of Braughing, designed to help you find out about the village and make the most from your day out here if you plan to visit the village in the future. Please click here>>> for more information about Braughing.
Braughing Village Diary
Do you enjoy singing then come along to
The Braughing Sing
Tuesdays during term times
7.30 – 9.00 at Jenyns school, Braughing. For more information please email here >>>
Energy saving links and fuel deals
Our MP, Sir Oliver Heald, has welcomed the news that a second contract for the rollout of Superfast Broadband within Hertfordshire has been agreed. This makes available a total of £13.9M additional funding to carry out the Connected Counties programme by April 2019 and builds on the existing commercial fibre broadband programme which is being rolled out already. This contract will mean that 98% of premises within the country will have access to high-speed fibre-optic broadband coverage.

Sir Oliver has campaigned for super-fast broadband in our area for a long time and you can see where the programme is being rolled out by looking at the map here >>> which shows that places like Buntingford, Puckeridge, Standon and Braughing will all benefit from it which is tremendous news.
As a resident of East Herts, you are entitled to a 75% discount on the pick-up/drop-off fees at Stansted meaning it costs 50p instead on £2.00 for 10 minutes or 75p instead of £3.00 for 15 minutes (unfortunately there are no discounts off any parking!)

All you need to do is apply for a Local Resident Discount Card to Empark here >>>

DOG FOULING - now an increasing problem in Braughing especially around the playing field area. If you witness a dog fouling incident, make a photographic record of the crime,if possible, and contact Environmental Services on 01279 655261 ext 3507 or email here>>>

Braughing Play Area

An enthusiastic group of volunteers are aiming to raise money to rebuild Braughing's worn out playground with exciting new equipment.

The play area is old, uninviting, the wood is rotting and it no longer meets the needs of the community. Most items of equipment need attention or replacing. We want to make Braughing play area welcoming and fun. It will be a place where the locals can meet and play together, this will become increasingly necessary as the village continues to expand and our population grows.

There is very little opportunity for older children to play with their younger siblings as the equipment is mainly designed for children under 8 as the older child's interest is not sustained by our current equipment.

The playground received its annual RoSPA inspection in July 2014 which highlighted ‘severely limited disabled access presenting serious barriers to disabled people. We aim to make our play area accessible to everyone and have undertaken a wide community consultation, which will result in equipment that the community has chosen. The equipment has been chosen to challenge and engage children in a variety of ways to develop their confidence, balance, co-ordination and improve their health.

Please support this effort to improve a facility for Braughing chldren and visitors to the area. More information is on the Facebook page here >>> You can also support the group by voting for an Aviva grant here >>> and through Local Giving here >>>

Thank you for your support.