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This website is your guide to the historic village of Braughing, designed to help you find out about the village and make the most of your day out here if you plan to visit in the future.

Here are a few images of the 11 November 2018 commemoration in Braughing

However, in the next few days there will be a WWI area here dedicated to this event with a gallery of photographs for you to enjoy.  In the meantime please enjoy and reflect. The order of service can be downloaded here >>>

Braughing Celebrates the Centenary of the ending the First World War in the most amazing way

I very much wish to thank and congratulate everybody who played a part in the success of the events held in Braughing on Sunday 11thNovember 2018 to mark the centenary of the ending of the First World War. 

The day started with the Service of Remembrance held at St Mary’s Church in the morning. The congregation was greeted by the beautiful sound of our church bells, which had been muffled for the occasion, except for one side of the tenor bell. This resulted in the bells sounding very soft, with one being very sharp, resembling the tolling of a funeral bell. READ MORE HERE >>>

Dog Fouling in St Mary's Churchyard

Dog fouling in the churchyard has reached epidemic proportions, so much so that the volunteer team who keep the churchyard tidy by cutting grass and trimming have stopped.  The PCC have asked owners to be respectful, to no avail, and take this matter very seriously so have taken the decision to BAN all dogs from the churchyard with effect from 16 November 2018.

Report Dog Fouling to our local council - do you want a picture of YOU, and your dogs poo, featured here?

There are currently 23 bins in the parish which are either dedicated dog bins or multi-purpose bins which should be used for disposing of bagged dog poo and litter, please use them. The dog bin map of Braughing is available here >>>

The increase in dog fouling in Braughing has reached epidemic proportions.  So this is what we are going to do.

  • If you see a fouling incident please photograph it on your mobile - the dog pooing and a picture of the owner
  • Report it to the 'FixMyStreet' website and upload the photo, which links to East Herts District Council
  • FixMyStreet is found here >>>

We hope that by taking this action as a community we can put an end to this disgusting, foul practice which is a health hazard - particularly to our children.  Please support this cause which has the full backing of Braughing Parish Council.