In particular, I would like to thank everyone involved in working together to combat this pandemic, with special thanks to those working in health and care, the police, the shop workers, the refuse collectors - the list goes on. Everyone has an important role to play in fighting this dreadful disease. 

The isolation expected of all of us, to reduce the risk to ourselves, our loved ones and our neighbours, has resulted in many vulnerable people being in need of support at home: from shopping, collecting prescriptions to someone to simply chat to - all important for people in isolation at this time. 

The level of response to requests for volunteers has been unprecedented. 

The NHS Volunteer Responders programme had to close to further recruitment, with more than 750,000 people having signed up. I understand that more than 10,000 of those volunteers live in Hertfordshire. 

Team Herts Volunteering, run by Hertfordshire County Council, has signed up more than 8,000 volunteers. The county council has been coordinating this to date, but it is likely that district councils will have a significant role in more local coordination. 

As well as the more formal volunteer schemes above, communities have come together to develop their own localised schemes to support vulnerable people, which is essentially about being a good neighbour. 

I am working with members of this parish council and others to ensure that, together, we build on what has already been put in place across this parish to support those in need. We could be looking at many more weeks of this, and we need to look after each other throughout this very challenging time. 

As your district councillor, I am involved in a range of issues related to the response to Covid-19 and will continue to work hard for residents of this parish as well as carrying out the responsibilities I have across the whole district. 

You will all be aware that East Herts Council, like many other councils, has had to take the decision to stop collecting garden waste. All other waste will be collected as normal. Please put food waste into your black bin and store your garden waste wherever possible until collections restart.

Likewise, the county council has had to take the decision to close Household Waste Recycling Centres, as social distancing was impossible to manage. As soon as it is possible, these will be reopened, but only when they can be operated safely. For those of you who are actively spring cleaning, hold on to your rubbish until you can dispose of it safely and legally. 

Finally, as tempting as it is with the great weather we have been having, please stay at home and observe the rules which have been put in place to protect all of us. Stay safe everybody. 

Cllr Peter Boylan   
Braughing Ward
East Herts District Council