An amazing response 

Last year, as part of the Wellbeing initiative, Braughing Parish Council asked the existing Wellbeing team to set up a Good Neighbourhood Watch team, a group of people spread across the whole parish who volunteered to look after their neighbours as well as delivering Braughing LIFE to every household.  

At the start of the corona virus crisis, the GNW team were asked to check on neighbours and make sure they had the information needed to obtain help. However, the team was not large enough to handle something of the scale of the lock-down and further assistance was needed, so a plea for volunteers was posted on social media. Within moments, offers of help flooded in from all corners of our community and the team size doubled.  The volunteers are allocated to specific areas across the parish, checking for anybody who needs help and support and taking the necessary action as appropriate. If you, or anyone you know, needs help please email and a volunteer will be allocated to assist you.

Alongside this operation, we have huge support from our three pubs.  The Golden Fleece is supplying fresh meat, fish, fruit and veg whilst The Brown Bear and Axe and Compasses are providing take-away meals.

The community has pulled together in a cohesive response to this invisible enemy and we should all be proud to be part of such a caring and neighbourly group of people. The Braughing website is continually updated with the latest information so keep an eye on that as well as Nextdoor and Facebook.

Braughing Parish Council thanks everybody who has stepped up to the plate in such a magnificent way to support our amazing community.  Ed