Housing development update

  • Larkspur, Hull Lane
    This site was included in the Neighbourhood Plan and an application has been made for two 3-bed houses on the field next to Larkspur. The planning application has been approved and development is underway with construction traffic access to the site via Chestnuts rather than Hull Lane.  
  • Site behind 15 Green End (the old butchers)
    A proposal for two 4-bed houses has been approved in spite of the parish council objection on the grounds of over-development and road-safety.
  • Pelham Barns and the site between the Barns and 6 Pelham Road
    A decision is still awaited for the planning application for the Pelham Barns site. The design of the houses for the site between the Barns and 6 Pelham Rd has been altered at the request of EHDC and planning permission has been granted in spite of an objection from BPC which prefers the original proposal.
  • Extension to Barn Royde, Green End
    An application has been made for a large extension to this bungalow, turning it into a 2-storey dwelling. BPC has objected to this application, mainly on the grounds of being detrimental to the amenity of neighbouring properties.
  • Land adjacent to the Ideal Farm, Braughing Friars
    An objection letter was written by BPC in relation to an application to erect a large chicken coop in the field to the east of Braughing Friars. The application has now been refused.

There have also been several applications for extensions and alterations to houses in the parish. All letters written by BPC in relation to planning applications are available on the Braughing website.

Other plans

  • Malting Lane bridge - The bridge over the main ford was replaced on 17 March (one day earlier than planned). 
  • Fleece Lane Memorial Garden - Work to improve the Fleece Lane Memorial Garden by laying down a new gravel path and associated membrane to prevent weeds has been delayed. 
  • Planters for The Square - Two new planters have been installed in The Square and filled with plants and flowers in order to enhance this important communal area.
  • VE Day 75 commemoration on 8 May - The government has advised the postponement of the community celebrations to the weekend of 15-16 August when the intention is to celebrate VE Day and VJ Day together. 
  • Motor Rally on 12 July - This has now been cancelled.

Cll Ruth Fleetwood