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East Hertfordshire Aviation Society

We are a flourishing aviation society that in 2022 celebrates 25 years since formation. Beginning as the Braughing Aviation Society, the more inclusive and appropriate title of the East Hertfordshire Aviation Society was adopted in 2017 to recognise that those who attend come from way beyond the village where it started. 

Instrumental at the start in 1997 was the late Len Howett who went on to become life president. A member of the Glider Pilot Regiment in World War 2 and with a deep-rooted interest in all aspects of aviation, Len originated the idea of a village society that provided a meeting point and forum for anyone who shared his interest. That philosophy continues to be the blueprint for the Society’s successful continuation.

Memorial lecture

To mark the founding by Len and others in this, the Society’s Silver Anniversary year, we are beginning the Len Howett Memorial Lecture which it is hoped will become a regular event in the Society’s calendar. This year’s speaker, Wg Cdr Tony Davies, is a noted lecturer on aviation matters, having had a distinguished career in the Royal Air Force. 

Over the years, membership of the Society has grown steadily to the point where more than 80 people each month receive email notice of the Society’s forthcoming talks and other activities. They also get by email Slipstream, a bi-monthly newsletter containing items and pictures on a variety of aviation subjects and topics, mostly contributed by members. During the year a number of visits are made to places of aviation interest, details of which are also advised by email.

Our members, male and female, come from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds. Those with aviation somewhere in their personal or professional lives include ex-Service personnel, commercial and private pilots, engineers, historians, and journalists. An aviation background, though, is by no means a condition of membership. The common bond is an enthusiasm for the subject, however general. 

Geographically, members come from as far as Cambridge, Potters Bar, Hertford and the Bishops Stortford and Hoddesdon/Broxbourne areas.  There is no joining fee, the only cost being a modest contribution to Society funds (presently £3 per meeting) that goes towards guest speaker expenses and other overheads.

Monthly meetings 

Meetings, usually on the last Monday of each month, almost invariably feature a guest speaker and are held monthly throughout the year, apart from a break during August and again over Christmas/New Year. 

Such is the reputation that the Society enjoys that some of our guest speakers have returned several times – and also become members! Occasionally, our own members present on aspects of aviation on which they are expert.

Until this year’s break at the end of July the meeting schedule and the title of talks to be given is:

Tuesday, 7 JuneThe First Len Howett Memorial Lecture, The Miracle of Flight – Kitty Hawk to Cape Canaveral, by Wg Cdr Tony Davies, RAF Ret’d.  (This replaces the customary end of May date and is in conjunction with Braughing Get Together).

Monday, 27 June: A History of de Havilland and Hatfield Aerodrome – Part2, by Philip Birtles (continuing the talk he began on 28 February.)

Monday, 25 July: The Secret Horsepower Race, by Martin Adams (based on the book by Calum E. Douglas) 

There is no meeting in August so they resume on Monday, 26 September.

Society meetings are held at The Axe & Compasses public house, Braughing, starting at 20.00. Many members, though, arrive from 18.30 onwards, for a chat and catch-up over supper and drinks. 

We really do welcome new faces, so if you would like to find out more and also add your name to our information distribution list, please email the Society’s secretary  here >>>