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History of Bell Ringing

The sound of bells ringing is deeply rooted in British culture. Almost everyone in Britain lives within hearing range of bells. They provide the grand soundtrack to our historic moments, call out for our celebrations and toll sadly in empathy with our grief.

The bitter-sweet sound of just one bell or the majesty of a whole peal, has become part of the English heritage and much of the country’s history can be traced through the history of its bells.

They call us to wake, to pray, to work, to arms, to feast and, in times of crisis, to come together. Above all, bells are the sound of freedom and peace as in World War II they hung silently until the day they could ring in the peace. Click here >>> for a full history, which is very interesting.

Braughing Bell Ringers

The bells of St Mary's Church in Braughing have been rang for at least 600 years. They are still rung today by a band of keen bell ringers.

Practice Night
The team meet each Wednesday evening between 8pm and 9pm for practice followed by a compulsory drink in one of the village pubs. Visiting ringers are very welcome.

Sunday Ringing
The bells are rang for half an hour before Sunday services, the usual pattern being:
First Sunday - 10.45am (service at 11.15am)
Second Sunday - 9am (service at 9.30am)
Third Sunday - 10.45am (service at 11.15am)
Fourth Sunday - 9am (service at 9.30am)
Fifth Sunday - no service in Braughing (communion service held at Stocking Pelham)

Other Ringing
The bells are also rang for other occasions, including:
New Years Eve - half muffled before midnight to ring out the old year, the tenor bell then strikes the 12 and all bells are rung after midnight to ring in the new year.
Remembrance Sunday - half muffled bells ring from the laying of wreaths at the War Memorial to the beginning of the service in church.

The ringers can also provide ringing at weddings and funerals on request.

We are also looking for enthusiastic residents to join the band of ringers. No experience of music necessary. To enquire about joining or anything to do with ringing please click here >>>

For more information about the bells - dimensions, weight, key then please click the link.