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Braughing Horticultural Society

Whether you have a window box or a wide expanse, a pocket handkerchief patch or a prairie sized plot, or no garden at all, or only a kitchen, or you just enjoy flower arranging, you are welcome at the Braughing Horticultural Society.

We hold two shows a year; in the Spring and Autumn with classes for seasonal flowers, fruit, & vegetables, flower arranging and a wide range of domestic classes where members can demonstrate their cooking skills. For those of you with a few chickens in your garden, we have classes for eggs in the Spring show as well as a popular photographic section. Our judges are local and professional, offering an expert eye and helpful suggestions.

Don't worry that your produce is not perfect Royal Horticultural Society grade - most is very far from it!! Interestingly, at our recent Autumn show every entrant was awarded a prize of some sort.

Further details are available from our Secretary here >>

The Show Guides and Entry Forms

  • Show Guides - these are sent out to members prior to the show.  We also email the guide to our membership.

The Shows

Our Spring and Autumn shows are well supported with some 50 entrants exhibiting 250 entries. Judging is carried out by local, professional judges with an eye to the fact we are a local, rural show and offering helpful suggestions and comments.

The Rules and Prizes

Each 'FIRST' winner receives a certificate with their name and the class of entry printed on it.