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Here are the rules governing each show.  We are a local, rural horticultural show and have tried to make the rules as easy to follow and 'non-prescriptive' as possible.  If you have any comments or helpful suggestions then please email the secretary here >>>. Apart from awarding certificates for 'FIRST' prizes which include a photographic and children's class, cups are awarded for designated classes.

Hints and Tips for Exhibiting please click here >>>

Show Rules

  1. Exhibitors must be members of Braughing Horticultural Society — exhibitors may join when entering their exhibits.
  2. Children entering the children’s class do not need to be members and must be under 12 on Show Day.
  3. Vegetables, fruit and flower entries must have been grown in the garden or allotment of the exhibitor —  except flowers for flower arrangements which may be bought.
  4. A vegetable or fruit may only be exhibited in ‘any other’ classes if there is no other class on the schedule where it could be included.
  5. All pot plants should have been owned by the exhibitor for at least 12 months.
  6. Jams and other preserves must have been made by the exhibitor and be clearly labelled showing type, and date when made. Please do not use commercial lids on jam and preserves. They will be judged according to the recommendations detailed in the ‘hints and tips for exhibiting preserves’ sheet.
  7. Where a recipe or size is specified, entries that are judged not to have used that recipe or size may be disqualified.
  8. Cakes and pastries must be displayed on a flat plate. 
  9. Stalks should be left on fruit which should not be polished.
  10. Root vegetables should be washed and the foliage trimmed.
  11. There is no limit on the number of entries a member may enter for each class, however, multiple entries must be distinctly different eg different varieties of fruit for jams, or different varieties of vegetables.
  12. The Church Rooms will be open for booking in entries on the Friday before show day from 7.15pm to 8.30pm and from 8:30am to 9.30am on Show Day.
  13. The Church Rooms will open for setting up entries at 8.30am on 
  14. Show Day and all exhibitors must have left by 10.15am.
  15. Exhibitors using their own equipment, do so at their own risk.
  16. At the judge’s discretion, a first prize might not be awarded if none of the entries are of sufficient quality.
  17. Exhibitors who do not wish their entries to be auctioned are asked not to remove them until after the prize giving.
  18. No fee is charged for show entries.
  19. Certificates are awarded to first prize winners in every class.

Trophies Awarded

Spring Show

  • The Dora Lockley Cup - for the best exhibit in the domestic classes, excluding those eligible for The Rona Marshall Cup
  • The Rona Marshall Cup - awarded for the best entry in the jams and preserves classes
  • The Simpson Cup - 

Autumn Show

The Bardwell Cup - for the best chrysanthennum in the show 
The Children's Cup - for the winner of the children's class 61
The Domestic Cup - presented to the highest points for domestic classes - excluding the - Men Only classes - over the Spring and Autumn shows.
The Dora Lockley Cup
The Flower Cup
The Hinchelwood Cup
The Rona Marshall Cup
The Tott Vase
The Turner Cup
The Walters Trophy
The Jenyns School Cup

The History of the Cups