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Meeting Dates 2021

The Braughing Parish Council meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month (except August and December) and start at 20.00 in the Old Boys’ School. 

Change of date for the Braughing Parish AGM and BPC meeting to Thursday 6 May at 7.30 pm and 8 pm respectively.

The regulations allowing Parish Councils to hold meetings by using video or telephone conferencing ceases on 7 May. Given this the BPC has brought forward the May meetings to allowed these to be carried out virtually by Zoom. This will give the PC time to ensure that face to face meetings for the remainder of the year meet the various Covid guidelines and regulations.

The meetings on 6 May by Zoom are as follows:

1.Annual Parish Meeting or Assembly 7.30 pm

The APM is required by law under the Local Government Act 1972. The purpose of this meeting is for the BPC to explain what it has been doing over the last year and allowing the electors to have they say on anything they consider to be important to the people of the parish. So the APM is a meeting of all the local government electors for the Parish and as such the registered electors may ask a question of the BPC and make suggestions.

2. BPC Council Meeting 

The APM/Assembly will be followed by a PC meeting, which is a meeting of the PC in public. 

 The dates for 2022 are:

  • 12 May – APM and May meeting
  • 9 June
  • 14 july 
  • 8 Sep 
  • 13 Oct 
  • 10 Nov   
  • 2023: 
  • 12 Jan 
  • 9 Feb 
  • 9 Mar 
  • 13 April