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Chris Ford

Contact details

1 Hull Lane
Braughing SG11 2PF
Tel: 07767 222621

Lead responsibilities

  • Chair
  • Liaison with EHDC
  • HCC and other parish councils
  • Planning

Ruth Fleetwood

Grove Barn
Green End
Braughing SG11 2PE
Tel: 07437 994895


  • Community portfolio 
  • Neighbourhood plan lead
  • Planning

Peter Saggers

Ships Timbers
Green End
Braughing SG11 2PG
Tel: 01920 821053

Finance and audit portfolio
  • Planning

Graham Frary

Green Lane
Braughing SG11 2QG
Tel: 01920 8217156

Maintenance portfolio
  • Planning

Robert Powell

2 Totts Cottages
Pound Close
Braughing SG11 2BH
Tel:  07912 355118


Highways portfolios
  • Greener Braughing lead
  • Planning

Nichola Game

1 Nokes Cottages 
Pound close 
Braughing SG11 2BH

Tel: 07919 854066


Environment and Safety portfolios

  • Litter Bins
  • Dog Fouling 
  • Safeguarding

Paula Moore

1 Northfield
Tel: 07983 326163

Environment and Communications

  • PCC Liaison 
  • Pentlows Meadow
  • Wildlife in Braughing
  • Communications and Social Media

Alice Lawrence

5 Woods Way
07929 966 657

Parish Clerk

  • Responsible Finance Officer
  • All Enquiries

Portfolio Descriptions

Planning  – reviewing all planning applications, drafting responses and attendance at planning forums

Community – wellbeing, social activities (coffee mornings, shed clubs and so on), Good Neighbour Watch, school liaison, allotments, adult gym, playground, orchard and Fleece Lane Memorial Garden

Maintenance – grass/hedge cutting, equipment upkeep, street lighting, bridleways and footpaths, maintenance of physical assets (for example, benches, noticeboards, bridges) and Pentlows Meadow, plus asset register maintenance

Environment – litter, recycling, dog fouling, nature, environmental initiatives

Safety – police liaison including  major incident planning and neighbourhood watch. Also includes defibrillators, parish risk assessments and playground safety inspections

Highways – liaison with Highways and Herts County Council regarding road and pavement maintenance, drains and speeding

Communications – includes social media, website content, email, noticeboards, Zoom and surveys

Finance – management of finances and liaison with auditors.  Also includes grant applications – to and from the PC

Greener Braughing lead – managing a team of volunteers responsible for green initiatives in the parish. This will probably include liaison with Jenyns eco-committee

Neighbourhood plan lead – managing future changes to the Neighbourhood Plan, which needs to be reviewed approximately every five years