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What to expect at our Church services (post-lockdown)

  1. On entry and exit of the church, please use the sanitiser.
  2. Please try not to touch any surfaces as you enter but proceed (with your household) to one of the pews as indicated (2 metres apart with a ‘please sit here notice’).
  3. There will be a sides-person on duty to show you where to go if need be.
  4. Please enter by the south door and exit out the kitchen door.
  5. The government advice is that it is mandatory to wear a face covering in church (unless you have a medical exemption, or you are a young child).  We have some spare disposable masks if you don’t have one.  Remember my mask protects you, your mask protects me – love your neighbour!
  6. If we don’t know you and do not already have your contact details, we will need to take them for possible track and trace purposes.  All contact details taken will be destroyed after 21 days.
  7. Sadly, we are not allowed to sing in church however, we will use music (including hymn music) to enhance our worship.
  8. We will make sure the church has had the necessary cleaning – we are leaving the church for 72 hours between each use – the church is closed the rest of the time.  If for some reason there hasn’t been 72 hours we will do the necessary deeper clean.
  9. Please keep 2m distance apart from others at all times (unless you are with those from your household group).
  10. We will take a retiring collection (the plate will be available as you exit the church – please gift aid if possible, using the envelopes provided in the pews).
  11. The toilets will be open and they have separate instructions available on the toilet door, for your safety.
  12. If it is a communion service, you can bring your own bread and wine.  Alternatively, communion will be given in kind only (ie bread only), the common cup will not be shared.  If receiving from the Priest, he/she will come to you in your seat, keeping as much distance as possible to drop the wafer into your hand and will be wearing a face covering. If you normally receive a blessing this can be given from the altar with no laying on of hands.
  13. The sides person will indicate when and where to exit the church at the end of the service.

Remember – if you are unable or would prefer not to come to services in the church building, it’s possible to follow the service on zoom. The zoom meeting link is available here >>>  or from the Rector 01920 823531.  Please request the service booklets to participate at home.