Virtual courses and children's activities in the safety of your home

Stamp collecting for novices or beginners run by Vic Flintham

With so many of us now likely to be housebound for a long time this seems to be an ideal opportunity to do something on-line. Several things to note. 

  1. First there is no cost apart from some basic things you may need to get going, but these can be kept to a minimum. 
  2. Second, this will be about stamp collecting not philately, which may develop later. I will produce one or two handouts a week and send them on-line as Word documents. I will try to make it fun and interesting and if schools do close stamp collecting is highly educational in terms of geography, history, language and general knowledge.

All you need to do is e-mail me here >>> telling me you are interested at . If you have an old album in the loft dig it out and if  not I will find ways of helping you to get started. Not for nothing is stamp collecting a pastime (derivation pass time)!”

Virtual Exercise Classes

  • Braughing HIIT CLASS are being run on the Braughing Tennis Courts check the timings out here >>>
  • Virtual Exercise 'ZOOM' classes - live workouts with Jacqui and Dani are on Mondays 14.30 hrs and Thursdays 19.00 hrs. This is virtual participation which is really exciting. You will need to download the app on a smart TV, desktop, tablet or phone before you can join meetings.  Email and Whatsapp invitations and details of meeting ID will be sent prior to meeting to enable you to participate.  You will need to download the ZOOM app fo all platforms here >>>

On-line Tai-Chi classes start 19 March 18.30 - 19.30

How do I join the online classes? To take part, head over to our website which can be found by clicking here >>>

  1. When you reach our website, first scroll down to our 'calendar of events' and find the class you would like to join.
  2. Next, click on the red '+Events Details' drop down
  3. Finally, click on the 'Join Zoom Meeting link' and wait for Kim to add you to the lesson. Please note, classes can only be joined 10 minutes before Kim is due to start.
  4. If you would like to enable audio on your lesson, you will be given the option to do this, but if not, relax and enjoy!

Drama Workshops on-line

Olivia Wylie is offering online drama workshops for 4-8yr olds and 1-1 music lessons (singing, piano, ukulele) via skype here >>>

Keeping the children busy

A small charity, CHEXS,  support families to 'reach their goals' and they have compiled a list of websites that have both educational and fun and are safe for the family to use. They are split into age categories to make it easy to use. There are even short videos you can watch together about safe internet use. Please make sure they are on safe, age appropriate websites or movies as many issues can be attributed to children viewing inappropriate material. Have a look at what you could do with your family, have fun with them whilst you have the chance. They grow up so fast! Please click here >>> to access the children's learning resource for free.