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Welcome to Braughing - 'A Sense of Place'

This website is your guide to the historic village of Braughing, designed to help you find out about the village and make the most of your day out here if you plan to visit in the future.

Braughing Parish Council

Next Parish Council Meeting

Thursday 11th July 2024 starting at 8:00pm

(Meeting papers will be published when available)

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Local Planning (update 07.2024)

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Highways (updated 06.2024)

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Latest Planning Applications

Application Number

Comments deadline


10th June 2024

Retrospective change of use of the land to 1 no. Gypsy and Traveller pitch to include the siting of 1 no. prefabricated residential structure.

Land Adj To Riversmeet, Station Road, Braughing

25th July 2024

Variation of Condition 2 (approved plans) pursuant to planning permission 3/24/0686/VAR dated 04/06/2024 (For: Demolition of detached dwelling, erection of new detached 4 bedroom dwelling, associated landscaping and new vehicular access. Variation of Condition 2 (approved plans) of planning permission: 3/23/2272/FUL: Amended to floor plans to include a basement). The amendments include providing the approved basement with an emergency exit, a swimming pool and minor amendments to rear ground floor corner window.

Quinbury Farm Cottage, Hay Street, Braughing

1st August 2024

Replacement of casement windows.

Causeway Cottage, 5, Church End, Braughing

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Braughing LIFE

Upcoming Events

Every Thursday Coffee Morning

10:30am to 11:30am, Old Boys School, Braughing.

Every 3rd Sunday of the month - Village Litter Pick

Meet at Grove Barn opposite Old Post Office at 10:00am

07th July - Village Walk

Meet in the Square, Braughing for a 2pm departure.

13th July - Braughing Fair & Wheelbarrow Race

For 12:00 noon until 6:00 pm centred around the Triangle, Braughing.


A Neighbourhood Plan Review team (a subcommittee of Braughing Parish Council) has been formed to work on the 5-year review of the Braughing Parish Neighbourhood Plan (BPNP). This is being done to ensure that the BPNP is up-to-date and continues to provide the community with the maximum protection possible against over-development. The team is made up of a few volunteers who worked on the adopted Neighbourhood Plan, along with a planning consultant. It has been deliberately kept as a small team because the work required is far less than for the original plan and there is no intention to undertake extra housing allocation. However, we will potentially need help from volunteers who can provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Helping with the production of a new Design statement.
  • Doing detailed research into history, environment, wildlife and sustainability.
  • Taking high quality photographs of areas of the parish.

We are also very keen to obtain the perspective of younger members of the community, including possible liaison with the school.

If you are able to help with any of these areas, on an occasional basis, please contact the parish clerk on clerk@braughing.org.uk.

All residents will get the opportunity to provide input to the content of the revised Neighbourhood Plan via open days and a formal consultation process.

OWL Messaging Service

With effect from Midnight 31st March 2024 the OWL messaging service has changed.

If you wish to continue receiving NHW messages, you will have to join the new messaging system called Herts Connected.

The following pdf shows how: Change of messaging system (192 KB)


The village clock on the church tower was stopped at midday on Friday 9th February 2024. It is in poor repair and needs urgent maintenance.

Although it is on the Church Tower, the clock, which dates back to Queen Victoria's Jubilee in 1887, belongs to the village, having been erected by public subscription. A village clock in the church tower was a common scenario in the 19th century when most people didn't have a timepiece, so a clock was erected on the tallest building, which was often the church.

The clock requires manual winding twice a week - the plan is to overhaul the clock and repair the worn parts (which will be funded by Friends of St Marys).

This will be followed by the installation of an automatic winding system (funded by a grant from Braughing Parish Council).

The clock may be still and silent and still for a while, but in the near future the village clock will be restored to its full glory and should keep showing the correct time and chiming for many years.


On Sunday 18th February 7 volunteers took part in a litter pick. A total of 14 large bags of rubbish were collected in areas that aren't covered by Adopt A Street.

Apart from the large quantities of fast-food wrappers and drinks container rubbish, which people generally attribute to delivery drivers, there was considerable alcohol related rubbish – Vodka bottles in Hay Lane, Whisky bottles and high strength lagers in Hay Street to Dassels and Friars Rd

It is intended to organise regular events, every 3rd Sunday of the month starting at 10.00am; more volunteers would be very welcome. See Upcoming Events for details of future litter picks.

 A new volunteer has offered to take on regular clearing of the area along the B1368 at the southern end, from the Braughing sign to the industrial estate, which always gets a lot of rubbish that probably comes from passing traffic; 5 large bags were collected from this area.

National Highways and partners have teamed up in a new campaign to urge road users: ‘Lend a paw – bin your litter’ as the RSPCA reveals it has received over 10,000 reports of animals found injured, trapped or dead from discarded litter in last 3 years – nearly 10 per day.

See here >>> for more details of the campaign

Braughing Sustainable Living Club (SLC)

The club was formed in 2023 by some like-minded residents of the village of Braughing in East Hertfordshire.

It meets monthly and looks at topics to research and share, with the aim of becoming more aware of sustainable living, and beating the drum locally to influence others, hopefully.

Along with the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle, living in a sustainable way prompts looking at how we can  be kinder to nature, use fewer resources, waste less energy and reduce our pollution.  We cannot do everything; everyone has their red lines, but enough people taking small steps helps to conserve the world's resources.  All of this is also likely to keep us more healthy and it will be better for the planet our children will inherit.

More information here>>>

The Post Office

Latest QR code parking scam

A resident was recently scammed in an hospital car park. The “Pay Here” sign asked her to download an app using a QR code on the sign. It then asked for a £1 payment to establish the link; it said the £1 would be refunded when the parking transaction was completed. Having done this, the resident was unable to pay for parking. Fortunately, her bank picked the payment up and blocked it as suspicious. It was subsequently found that the card details had shared with others.

Never download an app from a QR code in a public place

Energy efficient homes in Hertfordshire.

Want to make your home more energy efficient but not sure where to start? Hertfordshire Climate & Sustainability Partnership are looking to develop services to help retrofit your home.

If you are a Hertfordshire home owner find out what improvements are best for you by filling out a short survey here >>>

Give food waste the chop and save up to £720 a year.

Research in Hertfordshire shows that a staggering 24% of an average bin is wasted food – most of it edible. In fact, 50-70% of the food we throw away could have been eaten. Not only does food waste have a huge impact on our finances, it is responsible for up to 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. More here >>>

Hertfordshire County Council
vision for Electric Vehicle charging in Hertfordshire

The strategy sets out a plan to provide more charge points so residents and businesses will be able to recharge their electric vehicles conveniently and appropriately in the future.

What is the impact for rural villages? Find out more >>>

Please respect our village environment and enjoy your visit.

It is evidenced that some visitors to our village, vehicles passing through and cyclists, do not respect our environment. Some vehicle drivers litter our paths and hedgerows, some cyclists discard punctured inner tubes - on the spot fine of £150.  The residents of Braughing are particularly insistent that visitors and passers by respect the place where we live and will photograph and report offenders.

Nextdoor Neighbour is a safe and efficient way of communicating throughout our community.  Please click here >>> to sign up.

Here are the Facebook groups that are helpful and supportive to our community:-

Braughing Parish CouncilSpotted in BraughingCovid 19 Hertfordshire, St Mary's Church

Food bank collection-points

St Mary’s Church is now a Food Bank Agency for Bishops Stortford and Buntingford Food Banks - Charity Number 154800. There is a huge need for help and support for some in our communities and according to the Buntingford Foodbank, numbers in need have doubled in the last 3 months and Food Bank boxes can be delivered to anyone in our villages.

St Mary's Braughing and Furneux Pelham are FOOD BANK COLLECTION POINTS with food collection containers. Leaflets next to the containers list items needed by the Foodbanks and the food will be regularly picked up from the churches.   

Anyone in need of help in Braughing, Furneux Pelham or Stocking Pelham can contact Margaret Leadbetter on 01279 777629.

Herts Lynx launched centred around the Buntingford area

The DRT scheme will serve North and East Herts, including Braughing, Dassels, Hay Street, Braughing Friars and Hamels Park.  Click here >>> for more information.

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