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A fond farewell to Rev'd Julie

Welcome to Braughing - 'A Sense of Place'

This website is your guide to the historic village of Braughing, designed to help you find out about the village and make the most of your day out here if you plan to visit in the future.

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Earlier this year, BPC asked Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust, to produce a brief  plan to create a Water Meadow in Pentlows Meadow.

The Brief can be read here >>>. BPC would be interested to hear the views of Parishioners on these proposals. In the autumn, we plan to produce a more detailed brief. We will consult with parishioners more widely at that stage before we appoint a design consultant who would bring the idea to life. Please can you send any comments to the clerk here >>> before the end of August.

Nextdoor Neighbour is a safe and efficient way of communicating throughout our community.  Please click here >>> to sign up.

Here are the Facebook groups that are helpful and supportive to our community:-

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Please respect our village environment and enjoy your visit.

It is evidenced that some visitors to our village, vehicles passing through and cyclists, do not respect our environment. Some vehicle drivers litter our paths and hedgerows, some cyclists discard punctured inner tubes - on the spot fine of £150.  The residents of Braughing are particularly insistent that visitors and passers by respect the place where we live and will photograph and report offenders.

Braughing LIFE 

The latest edition, along with past issues, is available here as a PDF - 
click here >>>

Future Ministry Arrangements for the benefice of Braughing, Furneux Pelham and Stocking Pelham

With the retirement of our rector the future of the ministry can be read here >>>

Herts Lynx launched centred around the Buntingford area

The DRT scheme will serve North and East Herts, including Braughing, Dassels, Hay Street, Braughing Friars and Hamels Park.  Click here >>> for more information.

Food bank collection-points

St Mary’s Church is now a Food Bank Agency for Bishops Stortford and Buntingford Food Banks - Charity Number 154800. There is a huge need for help and support for some in our communities and according to the Buntingford Foodbank, numbers in need have doubled in the last 3 months and Food Bank boxes can be delivered to anyone in our villages.

St Mary's Braughing and Furneux Pelham are FOOD BANK COLLECTION POINTS with food collection containers. Leaflets next to the containers list items needed by the Foodbanks and the food will be regularly picked up from the churches.   

Anyone in need of help in Braughing, Furneux Pelham or Stocking Pelham can contact Margaret Leadbetter on 01279 777629.