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Welcome to the Braughing Website

Welcome to Braughing - 'A Sense of Place'

This website is your guide to the historic village of Braughing, designed to help you find out about the village and make the most of your day out here if you plan to visit in the future.

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Pentlows Meadow Public Consultation

View the plan here >>>
For those who were unable to attend, please complete the online survey here >>>
View the Groundwork presentation here >>>
View the Q&A here >>>

Braughing LIFE 

The latest edition, along with past issues, is available here as a PDF - click here >>>

Coffee Mornings resume

In the Church Hall to allow for more spacing, Thursday 9 September 10.30 until 11.30ish.  A welcome return to coffee, or tea, and a cake served by friendly volunteers and more importantly, PROPER coffee! Only 50p per person as there is a subsidy from East Herts District Council and Braughing Parish Council.

Braughing Parish Council wants to improve the Fleece Lane Memorial Garden for the benefit of all.

We need your help so we can continue our work to bring this special place up to a high standard for all to enjoy. Please help us by buying lottery tickets - a percentage comes to the Parish Council and will be ring-fenced specifically for the Fleece Lane Memorial Garden. Thank you for your support and good luck!

Supported by East Herts Council

Click here >>> to play 

Nextdoor Neighbour is a safe and efficient way of communicating throughout our community.  Please click here >>> to sign up.

Here are the Facebook groups that are helpful and supportive to our community:-

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What is happening in Braughing?

  • The Chair of Braughing Parish Council has resigned
  • The Vice-Chairman of Braughing Parish Council has resigned
  • The Highways Braughing Parish Councillor has resigned
  • The Chairman of the Braughing Playing Fields Association Trust has resigned 

If you want to become involved with Braughing Parish Council and serve your community have a look here >>>

Herts Lynx launched centred around the Buntingford area

The DRT scheme will serve North and East Herts, focusing primarily on Buntingford and surrounding areas including Braughing. Travel would be allowed anywhere within this zone. However, passengers would also be able to travel to key points (such as hospitals and high streets) within the six main towns surrounding the area: Royston, Letchworth, Hitchin, Stevenage, Bishop’s Stortford and Baldock. 

There are over 200 stops within the DRT Free-Floating zone including Braughing, Dassels, Hay Street, Braughing Friars and Hamels Park.  Click here >>> for more information.

Sunday Teas - a welcome return

At last Braughing is able to return to some normally and that means that the world famous Sunday Teas, held in the Church Hall, are back.  Please click here >>> for more details and the 2021 dates.

Please respect our village environment and enjoy your visit.

It is evidenced that some visitors to our village, vehicles passing through and cyclists, do not respect our environment. Some vehicle drivers litter our paths and hedgerows, some cyclists discard punctured inner tubes - on the spot fine of £150.  The residents of Braughing are particularly insistent that visitors and passers by respect the place where we live and will photograph and report offenders.

Community Radio

Radio Neptune Community Radio for Buntingford and surrounding areas on 24/7 with local information, events and variety of great music online, on your mobile and home devices checkout out our website and tune in.