‘Braughing LIFE’
Braughing Community Magazine

Braughing Parish Council (BPC) has made the decision to publish a new community magazine, ‘Braughing Life’, which will be delivered free to all households in Braughing parish. 

Why are we producing a community magazine?      

As part of the BPC wellbeing initiative, it was identified that there are some residents who are isolated or lonely and the council wanted to be able to improve communications with all in the parish to let them know what help and activities are available; also to keep everyone informed about what is going on in the parish. There are no current means of doing this because the subscription-based Anglican church magazine, St Mary’s Review, is only taken by 40% of Braughing parish residents - it must be remembered that the community is one of mixed faiths and beliefs. A significant number of people do not want or cannot use the internet or be on the parish council email list.

What will be in the magazine?

The magazine will contain wellbeing information such as activities and information sessions, as well as providing contacts for people who want help or are prepared to volunteer. In addition, it will provide regular updates on what is going on in the parish e.g. planning applications and the use of community spaces, news from societies and clubs, church information from all denominations, as well as regular statements from the district and county councillors. 

Will St Mary’s Review continue to be produced?

It is up to the PCCs to decide whether or not to continue publishing St Mary’s Review. If they decide to stop producing it, Braughing Life could be made available to Furneux and Stocking Pelham PCCs if they want to make it accessible to the residents who currently receive St Mary’s Review. However, the PCCs will need to pay for the printing and any administration costs of the extra copies; it is their decision whether to charge any subscription to their residents.

How often will the magazine be produced?

Bi-monthly starting in January 2020.

Who will run and deliver the magazine?

A professional editorial team including the current editor of St Mary’s Review. The magazine will be delivered by members of the Good Neighbour Watch team which has been set up as part of the wellbeing initiative. The magazine will also be available online.

Who will pay for the new magazine?

Advertising revenue is expected to pay for most of the printing costs, with the balance of approximately £250-750/year paid by BPC. The editorial team will provide their professional services free of charge. 

Braughing Parish Council see this as a very good proposal which will benefit the whole community, including the church..