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The Braughing Wellbeing Hub

Wellbeing is about feeling good as well as getting involved in and contributing to the local community.
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  1. CONNECT with other local residents
  2. Be ACTIVE do some physical activity
  3. Take NOTICE of the local surroundings and the changing seasons
  4. Try to LEARN something new
  5. GIVE back by doing something for someone else in the Parish

Things to do
There are many societies and activities available within Braughing parish.
3.1 Societies listed on this site -  click the dropdown for 'Clubs and Societies' above
3.2 Groups not listed on this site
3.3 Other activities
3.4 Local events

Spiritual Care
4.1 Church of England St Mary’s Braughing
4.3 Roman Catholic Churches

There are several areas where the elderly or disabled can get support including:-
5.1 Herts Help
5.2 Volunteer drivers scheme
5.3 Local volunteering
5.4 Other assistance

Dementia Friends sessions have been run in Braughing since 2016 and we have worked hard to encourage as many residents and employers as possible to attend these short information events. Our aim is to enable the Parish of Braughing to become a Dementia Friendly Parish.
For more information please click here >>>

Loneliness is a significant issue in society generally with many living alone. It is particularly difficult for elderly people who have been bereaved or are struggling to care for relatives or partners with dementia. For more information click here >>>

Charity Contacts
There are many local charities which are able to help those in need and which residents can join as volunteers. For a list please click here >>>

There are many ways that you can help locally by volunteering. Please click on the links below for more information on different areas of volunteering.
1.1 Helping the elderly/disabled
1.2 Volunteer driver’s scheme
1.3 First responders
1.4 Local event assistance
1.5 Local activities
1.6 Local charities
1.7 Parish council

Health Contacts
The main sites to obtain information relating to health are as follows:-
Herts Direct
Herts Community Trust