e: clerk@braughing.org.uk

5.1 Herts Help

  • advice funding your care
  • advice on staying fit and healthy
  • equipment and changes to your home
  • help finding the right card services
  • advice on benefits and debt
  • support looking after someone
  • help finding a care home
  • help to explain a problem or have your say
  • blue badge and help getting around

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5.2 Volunteer drivers’ scheme

  • East and North East Herts volunteer car service 03001231677 
  • Lister Hospital voluntary car service 01438 286586
  • Buntingford action for less able (bus) 01763273623
  • Buntingford action for social help (car) 10763 271484
  • NHS patient transport  (car) 0300 303 2102
  • Royal Voluntary service  community cars  08456080122
  • Standon and Puckeridge  hospital transport scheme (car) 07922 519174
  • Herts action on disability door to door 01707 375159

5.3 Local volunteering