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Braughing Sustainable Living Club


Braughing Repair Café Saturday 29th June 2024 2pm to 5pm

Braughing Community Centre

We throw away so much stuff these days – stuff which could earn a new lease of life after a simple fix. A repair café is a solution to this problem, a meeting place for people to come together, to share knowledge and skills and bring a new lease of life to your broken things.

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About the Sustainable Living Club (SLC)

The club was formed in 2023 by some like-minded residents of the village of Braughing in East Hertfordshire.

It meets monthly and looks at topics to research and share, with the aim of becoming more aware of sustainable living, and beating the drum locally to hopefully influence others.

Along with the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle, living in a sustainable way prompts looking at how we can be kinder to nature, use fewer resources, waste less energy and reduce our pollution.  We cannot do everything:  everyone has their red lines, but enough people taking small steps helps to conserve the world's resources.  All of this is also likely to keep us more healthy, and it will be better for the planet our children will inherit.

Our 'useful websites' page shows where you can find out more about sustainable living.  

To learn about taking the first steps towards living more sustainably you might like to take a look at the HCC 'A to Z' recycling list.  Your surplus to requirement item could meet the need of someone else.  The less we put in the black residual waste bins, the less will go to landfill.

Most charities, chain stores, garden centres and supermarkets have recycling facilities for specific items and will have in-store bins for depositing your donations. Most also provide a sustainability statement indicating the actions they are taking to avoid waste, cut down carbon emissions and offset any potential environmental damage.

Sustainable Living Club website: here >>>