Access to Braughing

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Braughing is located on the B1368 which runs from Puckeridge to Hauxton and is close to the A10 between Puckeridge and Buntingford. It is also close to the A120 which means that it is easily accessible by the excellent road network linking it to the A10, A1, M11 and M25.

Although Braughing station ceased operating in September 1965, the stations of Bishops Stortford, Ware, Hertford North, Hertford East, Stevenage and Royston are within easy reach.

Bus services
There is a bus service which runs through Braughing and you can plan your journey here >>>

Braughing is a village with its roots in Roman times, so more suited to horse drawn vehicles than the motorised versions of today. Parking is available around Green Hill, by the ford, and in the Square where the pump is. Please be respectful of residents who have to park their own vehicles on the road. All three pubs have excellent parking facilities.

Please see the section of Village Walks here >>>

Please respect our village environment and enjoy your visit.

It is evidenced that some visitors to our village, vehicles passing through and cyclists, do not respect our environment. Some vehicle drivers litter our paths and hedgerows, some cyclists discard punctured inner tubes - on the spot fine of £150.  The residents of Braughing are particularly insistent that visitors and passers by respect the place where we live and will photograph and report offenders.

Things to do in Braughing

There are some excellent country walks through our renowned, beautiful countryside - all well signposted with well kept footpaths. Please see the Village Walks section here >>>

A dog bin map will help you to clean up after your dog and protect our environment. Please download it here >>>

The architecture is interesting due to the age of the village. Starting with the 11th Century St Mary the Virgin Anglican church, you can enjoy a wander around the heart of Braughing with its wealth of listed and protected buildings. Opposite the church is The Old Boys School, a 16th century building which served as the boys’ school in Braughing until its closure in 1868.

Sunday Teas - during the summer people in the church and village provide ‘Sunday Teas’ with home-made cakes and a Country Stall, helping to raise funds for the church. The Friends of St Mary’s also raise funds to help us to maintain and improve our beautiful grade 1 listed building.  Please click here >>> for details.

Braughing's legendary wheelbarrow race

The Braughing Wheelbarrow Race was started in 1964 and takes place in the picturesque East Hertfordshire village of Braughing.

The race starts and finishes at the village ford. Teams of two push a wheelbarrow round a 400 metre course through the village streets with each person taking turns to push the barrow with the other team member sitting in it.  Please click here>>> for the event website.

The Braughing Community Orchard was planted with indigenous species of fruit, berry and nut trees and is a delightful walk up from the Playing Field by the allotments.

Braughing Community Orchard


Funded by the Braughing Play Area Committee, Braughing Parish Council and with a gant from East Herts, the magnificent and safe play area is open 24/7.  It is regularly maintained in accordance with RoSPA guidelines and complies with the legislation governing the operation of community play areas.