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Braughing Local History Society

The Future of Braughing Local History Society - Have your say

Since its formation in the 1970’s, the Braughing Local History Society has produced numerous publications, held meetings, arranged outings, undertaken research based around aspects of life in the parish, and maintained an extensive archive of photographs, written documents and personal memorabilia donated by those who have had connections with the parish.

During the Covid pandemic we held some online talks on Zoom; displays have been maintained in the Church cabinet; committee members have recently updated the archive catalogue and sent some items to Hertfordshire Archives to see if they will accept them for safe keeping and easier access for everyone. This work is ongoing.

Our AGM was held in March and during discussions about the future of the Society it was agreed to work with a small project team to consider ways to support and develop the Society and to encourage new members to join us.

To reach a wide range of residents within the parish, it was decided to develop a survey for members and non-members. It has been developed and piloted over the Summer and information and the links to it are now being made available to everyone via Braughing Life and here. 

I am asking you now to take a few minutes to complete the survey. We believe that your responses will give us a good insight into what things you are interested in and how we continue to ensure that the Society flourishes.

Please follow the link below and “Have your say”. We look forward to getting your responses as soon as possible. Outcomes will be published in a future edition of Braughing Life.

Paper copies are available for residents who would like to have their say but do not have access to a computer. Please contact me via telephone and leave your name and address.

It is really important for us to hear from you to help us decide how best to take forward the future of the Braughing Local History Society.

Many thanks to you all for your continued support.

Tricia Lilley,

Chair Braughing Local History Society

01920 821700

About Braughing Local History Society

The Braughing Local History Society aims to gather information and research into the lives of local people, their experiences and changes in the environment. It also aims to disseminate this information to enable interested parties to extend their knowledge and understanding through meetings, articles and publications.

The Society was first formed in the 1970’s, but lapsed in the 1980’s. It was revived in 1998 after an oral history course was held in Braughing, organised by the University of Cambridge, Board of Continuing Education. Local people attending the course generated many hours of information, recorded on audio cassette tapes at the time, about the village and the people who live here.

The Local History Society continues to record local people talking about their lives and knowledge of the area. ‘No Washing Machines Then’, published in 2004, relates people’s stories and memories before the Second World War. It is illustrated with many photographs.

For further information about current publications, please see the Local History Publications section.

We have an ever growing archive of material donated to the Society, including photographs, letters, books, magazines and personal memorabilia from those with connections to the village. We are always looking for more information about our unique village and environment. If you can help in any way or are interested in joining the Society, come along to one of our meetings or please click here.

Braughing Local History Society organises an interesting range of events throughout the year. There are evening meetings on the 4th Thursday of the month from March to October (with some exceptions), beginning at 7.45pm, in the Church Hall, Church End, Braughing, Hertfordshire, SG11 2QA  - map. February’s meeting is held in the afternoon. A Sunday afternoon tea with speaker takes place in January and a lunch with a historical theme in November. Visits are also to made to local venues of historic interest.

The 2023 AGM will take place at Braughing Church Hall on Thursday 23rd March at 7:45 pm. It will be followed by a social gathering with nibbles and wine. Please do come and join us and hear what our future plans are.

History of Braughing

You can read a full and comprehensive history of Braughing here >>> courtesy of British English History.