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Braughing Old Boys School

Community Trust

(Registered charity number 1204031)

The Braughing Old Boys School Community Trust aims to enhance, preserve and keep The Old Boys School, Cottage and Hall in our community. 

These historic buildings will serve as a gathering place for all members of our community, developing opportunities such as housing, education, wellness, heritage, personal growth and entertainment. We believe that focusing on community improvement, will create a positive and thriving environment for everyone.

The highly successful consultation event that took place in May generated a lot of interest, and feedback from residents proved instrumental in shaping the direction of the project.

On 23rd June, we submitted an application to the Charity Commission to become a registered charity. The commission acted swiftly and on 19th July we were notified our application to become a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) was accepted. The charity is called the 'Braughing Old Boys School Community Trust', registration number 1204031. The team of eight trustees are:

  • Peter Boylan
  • Paul Currie
  • Clive Marshall
  • Madeline Marshall
  • Graham Fisher
  • Derek Richards
  • Jayne Rowe
  • Alex Di Pasquale.

All of whom are Braughing residents who are deeply invested in the future of our community buildings.

Now that this crucial step has been taken, the team can move forward with greater momentum and are currently arranging to negotiate the leasing of all three buildings from the PCC.

The trustees would like to express our gratitude to everyone in our community who has supported us and also those who have made donations towards this project. Although we are thankful for the financial support we have received so far, we still require further funding to cover initial setup costs. We encourage any resident who feels able to donate to get in touch with Peter Boylan on 01920 822026 or email pboylan@btinternet.com to discuss further.

We will keep you updated on progress via Braughing LIFE and the Braughing Website.