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Braughing Local History Society 

In recent years, we have been able to make available a large number of photographs accessed free of charge on this website. Please see below for more details.

Complete Digital Collection

Some years ago now, the Braughing Society began a small collection of photographs, depicting life in Braughing and surrounding villages and hamlets in times gone by, some dating back to the mid 19th century. This has resulted in a collection of almost 1600 photographs, which continues to grow. This digital collection contains the current 26 volumes of this collection with 1569 photographs included, along with a detailed index for your enjoyment.

Index - click here >>> to view complete index. Use the index to search for the photographs that are of special interest.

Braughing Live in ‘85

During 1985, a group of local people set out to make a photographic record of life in the East Hertfordshire village of Braughing along with its surrounding hamlets.

This collection has now been digitally copied and transferred to CD allowing more people to enjoy this fabulous insight into the people and the places of this village from one year, 1985. There are almost 1200 photographs in this collection and they are accompanied by a detailed index of all the photographs for your enjoyment.

Index - click here >>> to view complete index. Use the index to search for the photographs that are of special interest.

From This Day Forward – A Celebration of Marriage in Braughing 1565 to 2003

Marriages have been held at St Mary’s Church, Braughing for at least 800 years. Churches have been required to keep records of all marriages since 1558. The marriage records of this church have survived from 1565 and have now been transcribed. Between 1565 and 2003, there have been 2252 marriages solemnized at St Mary’s Church. In 2001, an exhibition was held in St Mary’s Church to celebrate 125 years of village weddings here in Braughing with a mixture of photographs, flowers and memorabilia. This collection brings together 198 photographs from 121 weddings and 2 blessings, along with the transcribed marriage registers dating from 1565 to the end of 2003.All photographs are referenced in the transcribed registers.

Index - click here >>> to view complete index. Use the index to search for the photographs that are of special interest.

Braughing Parish Valuation 1864

In 1863, the Braughing Parish Vestry Meeting agreed that a new map of the whole parish was required in preparation for a valuation due to be carried out the following year. Charles F Adams of Barkway in Hertfordshire was commissioned to create what has become the most accurate early map to survive of the whole parish of Braughing. The first edition of the Ordnance Survey map of the area was not to come for another fourteen years in 1878. This map details every property that existed in 1863. Each property and field has a unique number.

The Parish Valuation carried out in 1864 uses the numbers in the map to provide details of ownership, occupancy and a description of each property or land. The map and valuation together provide a rich source of valuable information for the family and local historian alike and helps to overcome the difficulties of identifying specific properties certain people occupied in villages before the days of house numbers.

To access the map and index, please contact Hertfordshire Archives here >>>