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Local Events

There are many local events which take place in Braughing, some of which are detailed below:-

  • Weekly Sunday teas from April-October
  • Winter teas (Dec and Feb)
  • Annual picnic concert with music provided by Braughing Sing or another local group 
  • Annual Braughing Fair and Wheelbarrow Race which takes place in early July. It includes a fair, dog show, falconry display and wheelbarrow race, as well as activities for children such as a beach, aqua-donuts, climbing wall and bouncy castle. There is a barbecue, bar and tea/cakes. 
  • Annual village lunch in February
  • Annual Old Man’s Day on 2nd October
  • Art exhibitions (several per year – art@gravellybarn)
  • Quiz nights at pubs and Gravelly Barn
  • Several concerts – both Braughing Sing and charity concerts at Gravelly Barn
  • Spring and Autumn Horticultural show in the Church hall
  • Bi-annual Open Gardens
  • Bi-annual village pantomime
  • Braughing Jamboree (aka the comedy club) which takes place roughly monthly
  • Various drama events

Information about the dates and venues for many of these events is available in Braughing LIFE which is a bi-monthly, dynamic magazine.  

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