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Braughing’s newest organisation has been born! 

We are a small group of birders and people who love birds. Our aim for now is to enjoy our local birds in the company of like-minded others but moving forward, once COVID restrictions ease, we hope to be able to expand our group and our activities to more people in the village.

Spring is a great time to see birds so now is the time to get up and running. We hope to organize local bird walks in and around Braughing and to visit some of our local reserves (Rye Meads, Amwell, Tyttenhanger, Hertford Heath, Fowlmere, Lee Valley) with one of our number acting as leader. We are also planning a trip to Rutland Water in the early summer to see the breeding Ospreys and the many other birds on the reserve. 

We hope to welcome anyone who has an interest in or would like to learn more about our local birds. Some of us like to photograph birds, other just like to enjoy watching and (especially at the moment) listening to them. There is no need to be an expert – all you need is to love our birds and want to learn more about them. Even after COVID restrictions are lifted, we intend to keep our birding groups fairly small so that everyone can enjoy the birds we see.

If you are interested in joining us please contact Paula (07983326163 paulaandpaul@btinternet.com)