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The Draft Plan

Regulation 14 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 requires that before submitting the Neighbourhood Plan to East Herts Council for approval, Braughing Parish Council must publish a ‘pre-submission plan’ and consult with the people who live, work or carry on a business in the neighbourhood area.

East Herts told us to identify sites for a minimum of 35 new homes in the village (a 10% increase in the number of households since the 2011 census). Spread over 16 years, this is a much smaller number of new homes than the village has accommodated in the last nine years. The plan also protects the very best green spaces, priority views and the character of the village conservation area.

Some hard copies of the full document will be available to read at an Open Day, to be held in the Church Hall from 11am to 3pm on January 28th, 2017 and throughout the 6-week consultation period running from January 25th, 2017 to 10th March, 2017 at the Saturday swapping library in the Old Boys School.  A copy will also be available for inspection at East Herts District Council Offices, Wallfields, Hertford.

A summary of the draft plan will be printed and circulated to every household in January along with an official response form as part of a 6 week statutory consultation from 25th January to 10th March, 2017. 

During the preparation of this pre-submission neighbourhood plan we have gathered your views at a number of public meetings, open days, local events, and through surveys.  The success of the Braughing Parish Neighbourhood Plan will be very much down to you taking the time to read either the summary or the full pre-submission version of the plan and then sending us any comments or suggested amendments on the Response Form – see list of documents below.

Please note:  Only comments or suggestions sent via the official process will be counted or considered.  No individual replies will be given at this stage, either in response to a completed form or other communication media.

The response form must be completed online or posted to arrive by 5pm on 10th March 2017.

If you require assistance with completing the response form, this can be provided at the open day, swapping library or by contacting one of your parish councillors here >>>

The full Pre-Submission Plan includes the Vision for the Parish for the next 16 years as well as the proposed Planning Policies. The Policies are the statutory part of the plan and, if approved by a Residents’ Referendum later in the process, applicants and both Parish and District Council decision-makers must take these Policies into account when a planning application for development in the Parish is submitted. 

  • The Pre-Submission Letter can be viewed  here >>>

These are all the documents that will be submitted to East Herts District Council after the consultation period has ended:

  • A Summary of the Draft Braughing Parish Neighbourhood Plan is available   here >>>
  • The full Pre-Submission Draft Braughing Parish Neighbourhood Plan available on-line here   here >>>
  • A Consultation Report - this mandatory report details all the local consultation undertaken by the Neighbourhood Plan team to date (the results of the feedback from the 6 week local consultation will be added) – can be viewed here >>>
  • The Basic Conditions Statement - is a mandatory document which shows the compliance of our Neighbourhood Plan with statutory and district requirements, and can be viewed  here >>>
  • The Sustainability Appraisal – a document showing how our Neighbourhood Plan meets national sustainability requirements – can be viewed  here >>>

Other supporting documents:

  • The Braughing Design Statement can be seen here >>>
  • If you wish to read the National Planning Policy Framework, click here >>>
  • If you wish to read the East Herts District Plan, click here >>>