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Fleece Lane Memorial Garden

Supported by East Herts Council

Fleece Lane burial ground was handed over to Braughing Parish Council in 2020, and a team has been working on making it a place where everyone in the village can enjoy peace and tranquillity. A grant from EHC has enabled a lot of the work to be carried out, making this a lovely place to be.

2020 was an amazing year watching the changing seasons. Spring brings with it swaths of white snowdrops that then pass into daffodils and tulips. Summer with the beautiful dapple shade of mature horse chestnut trees, cast patterns to the ground. Autumn with golden hues of colour and the best conkers in Braughing all give this a place of grace and tranquillity.

The aim of the parish council is to develop the ground into a respectful and peaceful space, in the heart of the village. A number of initiatives have already been put into place.
  • Gravel path
  • Wood banks
  • Fencing
  • The gate has been refurbished

In spring we tackled the stinging nettles which we now have under control, plus the bear patches of ground have been reseeded with grass. With careful observation over the year we know what plants exist and will start planting new areas that complement the existing.  Our aim to make the gardens a place of reflection and peace. We will also be adding a number of benches in the Spring which will enhance and encourage everyone who enters to stay and relax. 

Paul Currie - Fleece Lane Memorial Garden Team Leader

Braughing Parish Council wants to improve the Fleece Lane Memorial Garden for the benefit of all.

We need your help so we can continue our work to bring this special place up to a high standard for all to enjoy. Please help us by buying lottery tickets - a percentage comes to the Parish Council and will be ring-fenced specifically for the Fleece Lane Memorial Garden. Thank you for your support and good luck!

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