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Submission Draft Braughing Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2017-2033

The pre-submission consultation period for the Braughing Parish Neighbourhood Plan has now ended and the Neighbourhood Plan document has been updated to include relevant changes requested by people who live, work or carry out a business in the Parish, as well as changes requested by East Herts District Council and other regulatory bodies. This document, approved by the Parish Council, is now the Submission version of the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Parish council would like to thank all those who took the time to review the pre-submission documents and provide feedback. The changes made to the Neighbourhood Plan document can be found in the updated Consultation Report.

The Neighbourhood Plan has now been submitted to East Herts District Council for formal consideration under Regulation 15 of the Town & Country Planning, England, the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended). It includes the Vision for the Parish for the next 16 years as well as the proposed planning policies.

The policies are the statutory part of the plan and, if approved by Referendum later in the process, will form part of the Statutory Development Plan for East Herts. Parish and District Council decision-makers will use these policies when considering applications for development in the Parish. 

The documents that have been submitted to East Herts District Council:

  • The full Submission Braughing Parish Neighbourhood Plan is available on-line  here >>>
  • A Consultation Report - this mandatory report details all the local consultation undertaken by the Neighbourhood Plan team including the results of the pre-submission consultation - can be viewed here >>>
  • The Basic Conditions Statement - is a mandatory document which shows the compliance of our Neighbourhood Plan with statutory and district requirements, and can be viewed  here >>>

The pre-submission documents can be viewed here >>>

The steps that follow from the submission of the plan are illustrated in the diagram below. Click on the image to view the larger PDF file.

Other supporting documents:

  • The Braughing Design Statement can be seen here >>>
  • The Neighbourhood Plan Site Options and Assessment (AECOM 2016) can be viewed here >>>
  • The Braughing Housing Survey Report 2015 can be viewed here >>>
  • The Sustainability Appraisal – a document showing how our Neighbourhood Plan meets national sustainability requirements – can be viewed  here >>>
  • Species Surveys - Rare Protected Species (Environment Agency) website can be found here >>>
  • The Office for National Statistics (ONS) website can be accessed here >>>
  • If you wish to read the National Planning Policy Framework (CLG 2012), click here >>>
  • If you wish to read the East Herts District Plan 2011-2033 (Submission version 2017), click here >>>
  • The East Herts Local Plan Second Review 2007 can be seen here >>>
  • Braughing Local Green Spaces Assessment can be viewed here >>>
  • The Local Green Space Designation document (Open Spaces Society 2015) can be viewed here >>>
  • The Local Green Space Methodology (Bedford Borough Council 2015) can be viewed here >>>
  • The BPNP Assessment of Land Criteria can be seen here >>>
  • The BPNP Housing Site Assessment can be viewed here >>>
  • Braughing Conservation Area Character Appraisal (East Herts District Council 2016) can be found on the East Herts Conservation Area website here >>> 
  • The Historic England website can be accessed here >>>
  • The Natural England website can be accessed here >>>
  • The Environment Agency website can be accessed here >>>
  • East Herts District Plan Online Mapping can be viewed here >>>
  • If you wish to view the Braughing Archaeological Alert Areas (Hertfordshire County Council 2016), click here >>>
  • The Braughing Parish Country Walks Map can be viewed here >>>
  • The Rights of Way Improvement Plan 2017/18 – 2027/28 (Hertfordshire County Council) can be viewed here >>>